NO.1 The quard_tap.ini of a UNIX S-TAP is configured with the following parameters:
The administrator must create a policy that will terminate the session on the delete statement in the
below scenario:
A session is started to the monitored database from client IP In the session the user plans to
perform a select statement and then a delete statement.
What actions should the administrator configure?
A. Rule 1 - S-GATE Attach Rule2 - S-GATE Detach
B. Rule 1 - S-GATE Detach Rule 2 - S-GATE Terminate
C. Rule 1 - S-GATE Attach Rule 2 - S-GATE Terminate
D. Rule1 - S-TAP Terminate Rule 2 - S-GATE Terminate
Answer: A

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NO.2 In a centrally managed environment, while executing the report 'Enterprise Buffer Usage
Monitor', a Guardium administrator gets an empty report. Why is the report empty?
A. Correct custom table upload is not scheduled on the Central Manager.
B. The report is not executed with a remote source on the Aggregator.
C. Sniffers are not running on the Collectors.
D. The report is not executed with a remote source on the Collector.
Answer: B


NO.3 AGuardium administrator is registering a new Collector to a Central Manager (CM). The
registration failed. As part of the investigation, the administrator wants to identify if the firewall ports
are open-How can the administrator do this?
A. Login as CLI and execute support show port open <ip address> <port number>
B. Ask the company's network administrators.
C. Ask IBM technical support to login as root and verify.
D. Login as CLI and execute telnet <ip address> <port number>
Answer: A

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NO.4 AGuardium administrator must configure a policy to ignore all traffic from an application with a
known client IP. Due to the high amount of traffic from this application, performance of the S-TAP
and sniffer is a concern.
What action should the administrator use in the rule?
A. ignore S-TAP Session
B. ignore Responses per Session
C. Ignore Session
D. ignore SQL per Session
Answer: A

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