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お客様はHH0-500 日本語認定を購入した前に、我々のウェブサイトでHH0-500 日本語認定のサンプルを無料でダウンロードして自分の要求と一致するかどうか確認することができます。先行販売サービスは言うまでもなく、TopExamのアフターサービスはお客様の販売者への評価の基準だと思います。お客様の利益を保証するために、完全的なアフターサービスは必要となります。我々の提供するHH0-500 日本語認定のアフターサービスは一年の無料更新と半年以内の失敗返金ということです。

試験科目:Hitachi Data Systems Certified Expert - Replication solutions implementation
問題と解答:全115問 HH0-500 日本語版参考書

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TopExamの HitachiのHH0-500 日本語認定はTopExamの実力と豊富な経験を持っているIT専門家が研究したもので、本物のHitachiのHH0-500 日本語認定とほぼ同じです。それを利用したら、君のHitachiのHH0-500 日本語認定に合格するのは問題ありません。もしTopExamの学習教材を購入した後、どんな問題があれば、或いは試験に不合格になる場合は、私たちが全額返金することを保証いたします。TopExamを信じて、私たちは君のそばにいるから。

NO.1 Which two statements describe the characteristics of asynchronous replication? (Choose two.)
A. An incomplete operation is rolled back at both locations, guaranteeing that the remote copy is
always an exact image of the primary.
B. After a successful write of data to the primary storage system, the application continues
processing without waiting for an acknowledgement of a successful write at the secondary storage.
C. After a disruption, business operations can resume immediately at the remote site, starting from
the exact point the primary site stopped. Only I/Os that were in-flight at the instant of disruption will
be lost.
D. It provides a mechanism for copying data across any distance.
Answer: B,D

HH0-500 更新版   

NO.2 A customer wants a Copy-on-Write SnapShot (CoW) pool configured to be 1TB on a Universal
Platform USP1100. However, the created snapshots should initially use no more than 750GB of the
What should be configured to achieve this requirement?
A. Set the pool threshold value to 75%.
B. Create a CCI script to send an email if more than 750GB is used.
C. Create 750GB of V-VOLs.
D. Set the Pending Update Data Rate to 75%.
Answer: A

HH0-500 合格率   

NO.3 You have set up a Microsoft Cluster "file share" resource called "EngDep". This is dependent on
physical disk resource called "DiskE" and on a Generic Script resource called "HSCScript", which is the
Hitachi Storage Cluster (HSC) script. In which file is the HORCM instance defined that needs to be
for these resources?
A. DiskE.conf
B. horcm0.conf
C. HSCScript.conf
D. EngDep.conf
Answer: C

HH0-500 市販本   

NO.4 The Hitachi Storage Cluster (HSC) with Windows 2003 uses which method to prevent "Split
A. majority node sets
B. -quorum parameter for horctakeover
C. extended SAN with multiple quorum disks
D. shared quorum disk
Answer: A

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